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Boris Notes

I went to a psychiatrist. I said “Nobody listens to me!” The doctor says, “Next!”

Pain of Teeth Review

Song: Pain of Teeth (Crunch Time Cut) Overall Impression: Boorish Boot has released their new Alternative Rock song Pain Of Teeth (Crunch Time Cut). Drawing a two-sided picture of a relationship nearing its demise, Pain Of Teeth displays the rocky life at home and...

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How did Death Mission Happen?

"Death Mission" came about after touring 1989,  I had written some new material we met and brought in Phil Kiklis as drummer in and began studio reheasals. 10 new songs we wanted to get the kinks worked out and recorded. Rehearsing them inside and out before entering...

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Belligerent , Behind the Album

While on Break from the U.S. I moved to the Ukraine and it went like this: December 26th, 1997 I arrive at JFK Airport to board the one and only Ukrainian jet flying to Kiev, Air Ukraine. Wearing shorts, sneakers, and a hawaiian shirt I embark on my journey in comfort...

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I was born at a very early age. Before I had time to regret it, I was four and a half years old.