Boorish boot



“Boorish Boot’s lyrical views and powerful music make them a force to be reckoned with in the under­ground music scene” – Village Voice

Boris and Warren Peace bore a band Maximum Rock N Roll said “Wallop’s you in the face like a wet fish”. In the beginning Warren Peace molested his fretless bass with punk, jazz and funk lines leaving Boris with screaming guitar riffs and building a “Big Sound” through his custom double amp rig. Combine those ingredients with awkward timing, rude and ill mannered lyrics, and you were listening to “Boorish Boot”.

Drummers were brought in to steer and crash through different musical styles. First Paul Sharko who worked well on the earlier punk/garage sessions, but when the Boot were moving into more musical styles and needed a more aggressive drummer they found one in Dave “Metal Man”.

Rigorous touring and recording rehearsals meant the departure of “Metal Man” and led to Pete “Best” and Ricky Pimental filling in on drums finishing up tour dates.

Phil Kiklis entered on drums and Boorish Boot again began studio rehearsals. During this time Boris met Peter Yarmouth from Black and Blue Records at a GG Allin show that began their friendship.


d Peter Yarmouth signed Boorish Boot that resulted in the 1992 Black and Blue 7 inch, 6 song EP “Death Mission” release. Boorish Boot was getting some major acknowledgement with reviews of “Death Mission” that included:

“Here is one band that proves classic punk is not dead”-Tantrum and “They seem to be direct descendants of the Dead Kennedys”-Metal Curse.

The attention of MCA Records was drawn. However, no agreements were ever concluded to retain totally control over all Boorish Boot works.

In 1992 drummer Kiklis departed after breaking his leg in a motorcycle accident and the band again brought in Pete “Best” as drummer to complete a previously scheduled 1992 Wasted World tour. The band then took hiadious and Boris joined the Cedar Street Sluts as song writer and bass player on the “Off the Streets Tour” while working with Black & Blue Records as song writer, and producer.

1998 Boris moved to the Ukraine and recorded his solo album “Belligerent” followed by a Ukraine tour. Returning to the USA with a subsequent “Belligerent” tour followed by Boris and Warren Peace creating “Fish & Chip” Radio Podcast, and Tornadic Ukulele while Boris worked on new Boorish Boot material.

Boris since as teamed up with long time friend and studio musician Martin Gerlach from Frankfurt, Germany. Together the friends formed Black Sea Records and building Black Sea Studio. To date Boris and Martin are recording and releasing albums in a variety of musical genre bring you what is and always will be Boorish Boot!


Boris – Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keyboards / Synths / Percussion / Song Writing / Engineering / Producer

(aka Boris OfterHaul with Black and Blue Records as song writer and producer)

(2007 Reunited with Warren Peace to record as “Tornadic Ukulele” and a U.K Tour)


Martin Gerlach (since 2008) – Drums / Guitars / FX / Piano / Synths / Vocals / Engineering / Producer


Past Members:

Warren Peace – Bass / Vocals / Guitar / Whistle / Maracas

2007 Reunited with Boris to record as “Tornadic Ukulele” and a U.K. Tour

P. Sharko – Drums
Dave “Metal Man” – Drums/ Percussion / Timbali
Pete “Best” – Drums
Ricky Pimentel – Drums

Phil Kiklis – Drums

Current Road Crew:

Tomas Richter  – Drums / Guitar Tech

Adrik Henderson– Guitar / Bass / FX Tech

Past Road Crew:

“BoBo” Stanzione – Grip Tape ( R.I.P.)
Bobby “Boota” Ferreira – Drum Tech

“MAD” Ed Ducharme – Guitar / Bass Tech
JayJay – Alcohol Management


Yuri Svetchnikov – Drums / Belligerent Album –  Ukraine Tour
Vika Svetchnikova – Keyboards / Belligerent Album –  Ukraine Tour
Tia Morris – Guest Vocals / Soul Lab Album Recorded USA 2008

Emma Blum – Studio Musician with Black Sea Records – Frankfurt, Germany

Calamity Jane – Studio Musician with Black Sea Records – New York, USA

Antone E. – Studio Musician, DJ with Black Sea Records – New York, USA

What Influences Boorish Boot:

Ramones, Clash, Echo and The Bunny Men, Big Audio Dynamite, The Jam, Public Image Limited, The Beautiful South, The Smiths, Squeeze, The Who, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmonds, Elvis Costello, Sheep on Drugs, Motorhead, Joy Division, English Beat, Split Enz, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Pogues, Dead Kennedys, Pixies, Violent Femmes, James Brown, Oingo Boingo, Bullet Lavolta, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, The Band, MC5, XTC, The Specials, The Fall, Eurythmics, Ian Dury, Ian Hunter, Jimmy Cliff, Delroy Wilson, The Wailers,  Pere Ubu, Garbage, Lords of Acid, Bjork, Thrill Kill Cult, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Lou Miami and the Kozmetics, Sex Pistols, Etta James, Parliament Funkadelic, Moris Day, Peaches, Just to name a few……