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It Happened Like This:
In mid 2005 Boris (Fish) and Warren Peace (Chip) began reporting the strangest world news through a podcast called “Fish N’ Chip Radio. Every Sunday the pair showed up at Red Rum Studio and drank a lot of beer to inform thousands of the worlds most comical news stories they could find. In their natural state of craziness and using their talents of impersonation, international accents, and a lot of sound effects. These guys turned out one of the most entertaining podcast of the time. Since they were recording at Red Rum Studio of course there were many instruments laying around. One time at the end of a show Warren Peace happen to pickup the acoustic ukulele and announces “And Now, time for Tornadic Ukulele!” without practice or preparation he proceeded to play a 30 second version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” which basically was the music with his impersonation of Robert Plant doing a falsetto of “AAAHA” 4 or 5 times and ending with the word “Love”. After the overwhelming amount of emails poured from everyone’s enjoyment of “Tornadic Ukulele” Fish N Chip Radio now had a ending for every show from that point on. Some of the other Tornadic Ukulele 15-30 second hits included “Milk Shake” and “I Wanna Be Sedated”.  Shows were never rehearsed, the news was never pre screened, and was recorded from start to finish on the fly. These shows were then edited by Boris adding only sound effects never cutting out the original content. On every Friday thousands of listeners from over 15 countries on 5 Continents tuned into “Fish N Chip Radio” to see what these guys were up to next.

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Tornadic Ukulele CD by accident? During one the later shows Fish (aka Boris) kiddingly announced that there was a CD of Tornadic Ukulele being recorded and it would be 150 of TU’s greatest hits (since all were only 30 seconds or less) What was meant to be a joke, turned into a flood of emails asking when the CD was coming out! Forced to actually recording a T.U. cd to please the FNC radio fans. Fish n Chip started demo recording a couple of tracks with the acoustic ukulele’s at Red Rum. The first demos were kind of bland and balless so that led to contacting Risa Ukulele’s in Germany who produces the best solid body, Low G, electric ukulele on the planet. They responded by sponsoring T.U. with 4 ukulele’s to use on the album. Now it was serious..

Boris and Warren Peace turned out some of their favorite songs from bands like The Mescaleros, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pogues, The Cure, Bob Mould, Rusted Root, Elvis Costello and more. With a variety of instruments at their disposal in Red Rum Studio they utilized the Fender Banjo, Yamaha Piano, Epiphone Acoustic Bass, Zeta Standup Bass, Ovation Acoustic Ukulele, Marshall and Ibanez amps, whatever they could find and use with one rule NO guitars. Not one GUITAR used at all on the entire album. If you think it’s a guitar, it’s not it’s a RISA Uke! In just 8 weeks of recording the Tornadic Ukulele CD was done and released from Black Sea Records. When distribution reached The U.K. and the release of “Johnny Appleseed” from The Mescaleros was heard. Tornadic Ukulele was contacted to work a U.K. Tour starting in May of 2007 which included a performance at “Strummer Camp” in Manchester and various clubs in London and surrounding areas. Tornadic Later returned in November 2007 to perform a Joe Strummer / Jail Guitar Doors benefit at the Arms Aloft outside London with Billy Bragg, Tymon Dogg, and Mick Jones. So that turned out well from a simple joke announcement on a crazy radio show. and that’s Rock N Roll.

End of a night in Acton just outside London. Everyone on stage belting out some Clash tunes..Great Fun!


Warren Peace – Lead Vocal, Risa Saprano Ukulele, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Ukulele, Piano, Banjo.

Boris – Drums, Risa Tenor Ukulele, Backing Vocal, Percussion, Midi, Keyboards, Programming


Recorded At – Red Rum Studio November 2006 – January 2007

Engineering / Mixing – Boris

Produced By – Boris

Mastered By – Boris


Released – Black Sea Records 2007

Cat# – BSRG-006

Video from Arms Aloft performing Bob Mould’s “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”

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