“The Band that inspires you with thought provoking lyrics surrounded by a mass of music genre”

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

What is the Boorish Boot Disclosure?

 The BBD was created to allow fans, creators, and inspiring song writers, DJ’s, and fellow musicians access behind the band. By becoming a backstage crew member of the BBD you will have opportunities you wont get from any other band.

The  Basic Benefits you receive for only $3 a month.

  • First Listen – Demo Tracks of new songs as we build them. Includes before/after lyrics, Alternative mixes, and more.
  • Finished Songs – Finished songs before world wide release.
  • Remixes –  of popular songs only released for our Patreons
  • Event Raffle Ticket to win FREE merch from Black Sea Records
  • 5% Discount on all items in Black Sea Records Shop!
  • Access to our favorite Artists!

Other Crew Benefits included:

  • Exclusive Crew Only T-Shirt
  • Exclusive  Crew Only Photo / Lyric Booklet
  • Event Raffle Ticket
  • 10% Discount pricing for everything from Black Sea Records including all merch, exclusive and import vinyl, CD’s, etc..
  • All current and future digital Boorish Boot albums and singles for FREE plus first listen to test mixes, demo tracks, and finished songs before they go to release.
  • Access all Black Sea Records Artists
  • FREE Upgrades when added to our crew benefits
  • Contests
  • Videos Releases
  • and more..

If you love music in all genre’s then JOIN the Boorish Boot Disclosure.

Click the banner below to access it all!

Exclusive BSR Event Ticket

This ticket enters you automatically for monthly drawings from Black Sea Records. Merch, Vinyl, CD’s and more.  A Winner every Month! Your ticket is valid for a whole year from date of issue!

Exclusive to Backstage Crew Patreons

Exclusive Crew Member “Pirate of The Sea” Shirt.  Show your support to the second best “DIY” band in the world and get yours FREE!

Patreon Exclusive

Inspiring Song Writers, DJ’s, and fellow Musicians join the BBD  and you have access to Boris and Martin’s library of music! 

  1. ROYALTY FREE – backing tracks in all genres and instruments are loaded for you to use to add lyrics or create your own track.
  2. Exclusive Backing Tracks for your Lyrics upon request
  3. Track Contests from uploaded track files. We load the track, you write the lyrics, record them and send in the finished song to win!

Join us in creating everything music!